Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three things

It's been a busy week....hopefully I'll get to the magnolila square market on the weekend. And with all this work I've not had much sleep - and possibly been a little cranky - but despite yawning most of the day I managed to find a few things to pick up my mood

Stacked gum boots - cute.

Chalkboard art: Melvin the runaway sausage

Poppies on the way home (don't you just love the colour of poppies).


  1. Oh, that picture with the boots is super-sweet.

    I just painted a chalkboard rectangle on our kitchen wall this week, so I'm happy to see yours, and I LOVE Melvin the runaway sausage!!

  2. Your three things just made my day - those stacked gumboots are fantastic and I love the way poppies 'pop'.