Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's starting to rain.

I really struggle at home when it rains. I struggle most days if I am unable to leave the house. Of course I know that rain doesn't mean a halt in all outdoor activity but there is only so much splashing in puddles one can do before someone gets cold and the other gets hungry. Not having a car is also a limiting factor (in addition to the fact that our buggy literally snapped in two last weekend).

So today we set off with an umbrella and a bus ticket to see Justine Clarke. We arrived slightly later than fashionably late, but still it was good to be dry somewhere else and Justine brings such warmth to the stage. We had other plans before heading home but a downpour meant that we had to head back as I was saturated - that brought smiles to the faces. So for the rest of the afternoon it was lego, tents and capes. Not such a bad day - in fact in the words of one 'this is a really cool day!' I just have to learn to breathe and let the chaos ensue.


  1. Hello, nice to meet you! I too am attempting to 'embrace the chaos' of life with young kids...
    Now about your bike enquiries - yes, sometimes it's a bit of a struggle getting our 2yo into the bike. But it's a struggle getting him into anything! Once we're going he's usually happy enough. At least it's easier to get in and out of than a car, and we don't spend lots of time parking etc.
    Apart from those issues, the bike is just brilliant. It's really freed us up to get around more than we could without any transport. We're out in it everyday, and I love riding it. Keep considering it...

  2. An old hand at 'embracing the chaos' (too much other more ineresting stuff to do) but lagging behind a little on the breathhhhhhhhhing factor. But loving the notion of lego, tents and capes...