Thursday, June 18, 2009

R is for red robot

Look what arrived in the mail this week. I saw the little guy in the latest edition of LMNOP magazine and well I knew he was going to fit right in to our house - and I was right he was an instant hit. He even managed to sharpen a stick to the delight of one (we have been doing some stick drawing as inspired by Myrtle and Eunice).

Talking about robots we also love Robot's Pet by Nigel Gray (published by Koala Books). The rhyme just creeps up on you and the illustrations are so fun. The boys love all the different animals that Fred, the robot, tries to keep as a pet...arhh funny!

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  1. I was just popping in for a visit and happened across some stick drawing shenanigans. Excellent stuff indeedy! I certainly hadn't considered getting a robot involved...